How to hit the ball low, medium and high, according to an LPGA Tour star

If you want to go flag hunting on those tucked hole locations, being able to control the trajectory of your ball is imperative. From low, penetrating bullets into the winds to sky high shots that drop onto the green from the sky, having the ability to vary your trajectory opens up many more options on the course.

LPGA player Jessica Korda’s ability to shape shots is one of the strengths of her game that has allowed her to rank inside the top 25 on the LPGA Tour in greens in regulation for the last five seasons. For some of the keys to shaping shots, she gave us tips on how to hit the ball with three different trajectories.

Your feet should be close together and the ball position should be in the back of your stance for this shot. When you make your swing, focus on not hinging your wrists as much and try to abbreviate the follow through.

“There’s going to be some natural hinge,” Korda says. “But nothing forced.”

For when you are in between clubs, think of keeping your stance narrow once again, but not quite as narrow as for the low shot. Get a nice full takeaway to start, but once you make contact, try to once again abbreviate the follow through.

Take a wide stance and move the ball position forward in your stance. Make a good, full swing on the ball and it should come out much higher than the other two shots.

Perfect these three simple shot shapes and you’ll be attacking flags in no time.

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