A simple technique for conquering side-hill lies

brady riggs hits off sidehill lie

Side-hill lies are never easy to navigate, but following this technique from Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will make it a more simple.


The situation: The ball is below your feet. Looks tricky, but with a few setup and swing adjustments you can get this one on the green easily.

First, take one more club, aim left of your target, position the ball up in your stance and flex your knees so you can reach the ball without hunching over.

Second, commit to the fact that this ball wants to fade. Let it — that’s why you’ve aimed left.

When you swing, the trick is not getting stuck and striking the ground behind the ball. Go for an outside-in attack. I like to picture my club swinging back up the hill on my follow-through.

Keep things smooth and your lower body quiet. Mission accomplished.

Brady Riggs is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher who teaches at Hansen Dam GC in Pacoima, Calif., and PGA WEST Golf Academy in La Quinta, Calif

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