This is the secret to hitting your hybrids pure every time

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This tip will help you hit pure hybrids.

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You crush your irons but top your hybrids. Sound familiar? Hybrids are unique, helpful clubs, yet different, lighter for sure. The trick is to treat them like you do your irons, not your fairway woods. 

Kellie Stenzel
10 tips to help you get the most out of your hybrids
By: Kellie Stenzel, Top 100 Teacher

It starts with the setup: Play the ball in the middle of your stance with the club’s sole resting flat on the ground. (Placing the ball too far forward is what often leads to fat and/ or topped shots.) Check that you haven’t “hooded” the clubface by making sure the alignment markings on your grip point straight down. 

As far as the swing goes, again, treat it like any iron shot. Commit to “thumping” the club on the ground, with your arms fully extended at impact and beyond. You should definitely take some turf as you strike the ball. Get that hybrid dirty! 

While the club may feel light in your hands at address, get the feeling that it’s heavy when you strike the ball. 

Kellie Stenzel is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher who teaches at the Palm Beach Par 3 and Boca Raton GC in Fla.

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