For pure putting contact, try this simple LPGA pro-approved drill

Draining more putts doesn't have to be complicated.

HOUSTON — Fans may not be lining the ropes at the 75th U.S. Women’s Open at Champions Golf Club, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn from the pros. 

During a virtual clinic for LPGA*USGA Girls Golf, made possible by Cisco Webex technology, participants from across Texas learned a useful putting drill from LPGA pro Sarah Schmelzel

The drill, which is super-simple, can be done almost anywhere on a green — and with the right improvisations, you can even do it at home this winter.

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Grab your putter, a ball, a tee and an alignment rod. (If you’re doing this indoors, try placing a Jenga block or similar item at the heel of your putter instead.)

As Schmelzel explains in the video below, this drill will help you keep your putter on the right path and ensure you make center contact at impact.

Set up your alignment stick so it’s pointing toward the hole or your target. Next place the tee perpendicular to the alignment stick on the heel of your putter. From there, your goal is to bring the putter back and through the gate you’ve formed between the tee and the alignment stick, making contact with the center of your ball. 

Schmelzel says there are two keys to getting the most out of this drill.

First, she said, you want to make sure your putter is not getting outside your alignment rod.

Second, when you make contact with the ball, you don’t want your putter to bump into the tee. If it does, you’re most likely not making contact with the center of the ball which will result in more missed putts.

Thankfully, with the help of Schmelzel’s drill, you will correct any mishits, drain more putts and lower your scores.

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Rachel Bleier Editor