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Try this focus trick if you get nervous over short putts

October 20, 2019

A lot of golfers I know panic when facing short putts. Even though the hole is only a few feet away, they instantly worry about the ramifications of running the ball too far past the cup. They freeze. Then they overcorrect, hitting the putt much too softly, ultimately seeing it die away on the low side. They’re so focused on results (i.e., whether they’re going to make the putt or not) that they fail to give themselves the chance to execute a good stroke.

That’s why, on short putts, I coach my students to forget about the hole. For example, if you’re facing a slightly uphill left-to-right putt like the one I’m practicing above, look at a point just past the cup and think only about rolling the ball to that spot. Don’t worry about results, or whether you’re going to make the putt or not. Simply focus on hitting your spot.

It will keep you relaxed and engaged with your overall putting process. That’s the important thing: Run your routine. The ball won’t always drop, but you’ll certainly eliminate those tricky come-backers. Better yet, you’ll putt with a lot less stress

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