Top 100 Teacher: This grip is an instant cure for your putting yips

I’ve struggled with the putting yips since the early 2000s. I found relief in the long putter, but relapsed after the anchoring ban. I’ve gone as far as putting right-handed in competition (I’m a lefty), so I consider myself an experienced expert on the topic, if not a guinea pig.

One thing that will help is to determine if your lead or trail hand is the culprit. A great way to do this is to putt with one hand from three feet. Test the trail hand first, then the lead. This may or may not reveal the source, but it’s a great starting point.

Odds are you’ll find that you putt worse when holding the handle with your lead hand only. As it has been for countless other golfers, a grip change is your best bet here.

There are plenty of alternatives out there—lead-hand-low, claw, saw, pencil. All are great, but some may fail to deliver permanent relief. I went with the one pictured above. It’s been a fantastic solution.

  • Start with a standard lead-hand-low grip.
  • Next, take your lead hand off the handle and turn it to make a fist around the grip (pictured) so that your lead elbow points toward the target.

It’ll feel awkward at first, but this locks out that pesky lead wrist and provides the antiyip stability you need throughout your stroke. — Mark Durland, GOLF Top 100 Teacher

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