Master this tip and you’ll soon be reading and rolling putts like a pro

January 5, 2018

Let’s face it: most of us will probably never drive the ball or nail approach shots as well and as consistently as the guys on Tour—the talent difference and dedication levels are just too far apart. But one area in which you may be able to close the gap between the weekender (you) and the check-casher (them) is on the greens. How? Learn to putt with your eyes. Here’s what I mean.


When Tour pros scan putts, they do it with laser-like precision, focusing their gaze deliberately on the path the ball will travel to the cup (as well as the line from the hole to the ball). Weekend players, on the other hand, simply take a peek at the hole—a meaningless glance that fails to deliver critical clues for getting the ball to drop.


Performance flows from your eyes to your brain and then on to your muscles. So as you’re studying the line, you’re telling your brain where the hole is in space and how the ball is going to get there. That’s good. Now take one last look at where the ball will enter the cup. Picture a tee inserted into the far lip on that line, and keep that image as you make your stroke. For all but perfectly straight putts, this image establishes the precise speed for your putt. All you have to do is react to it.