Use this simple 4-step guide to perfect your putting setup

Every golfer can stand to gain more consistency in their putting game. Looking for a good putting tip? The first place to look is your setup, the only part of your technique in which you realistically have a chance of executing the same way on each and every putt. It’s the very definition of consistency, so own it.

1. Ball Position

Play the ball slightly forward in your stance, using your left ear as a reference.

2. Tilt To Win

Tilt the shaft slightly toward the target. If you prefer putters with less offset, like I’m using below, place your hands in a more neutral position, with the butt of the club pointing to the center of your sternum.

3. Find The “V”

Allow your arms to hang from your shoulders in a relaxed, tension-free “V” position. Now your shoulders, chest, arms and hands can swing back and through in harmony.

4. Get Stable

Settle your weight under your shoelaces. This piece provides lower-body stability and a repeatable stroke pattern — and will lead to many more makes.

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