GOLF.com Review: A high-tech putting sensor that can fit in your pocket

January 20, 2020

Looking to improve your putting stroke this season? Then give your tech an upgrade, and invest in the BioMech Golf Putting Sensor ($299.99), which will give you an advanced look at the key element of your technique.


BioMech didn’t start out in the golf space. The company was founded by scientists, biomechanicists and design engineers who over time realized the types of movements they were studying could can help golfers play better and stay injury free.

The Product

The BioMech Golf Putting Sensor is a sensor about the size of a lego cube. You attach it to the underside to your putter shaft and, after a quick synchronization, begin making strokes. The data is displayed in real time via the corresponding app on your phone.

Does it Work?

It’s perfect for the putting nerd. Face angle, stroke path, strike angle, combined with the ability to rotate 360 degrees and to pull reports about your performance mean the pocket-sized instrument packs a serious technological punch. The app is only available in the app store, which is disappointing for Android users, but for the price, you wont find more advanced putting tech.

Putting Sensors

BioMech Golf Putting Sensor

The BioMech putting sensor app shows you detailed metrics like stroke path, face angle, and andle of attack.


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