What’s the best speed for your putts? Top 100 Teachers share their advice

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It's often been said that all missed putts should finish 12 to 18 inches past the hole, but is that the best advice?

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You’ve likely heard that putts with “perfect speed” will finish 12 to 18 inches past the hole if they don’t go in, but is that advice true? We asked three GOLF Top 100 Teachers for their opinions.

Tim Cooke

“That’s some pretty time-honored advice, but there’s nothing wrong with finishing a foot short of the cup, either. Whatever stops you from three-putting — that’s priority No. 1.”

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Brady Riggs

“No! Roll the ball so that on a make it hits the bottom back portion of the cup. At this speed the ball will roll past the hole more on misses on fast greens than on slow ones but still give you an easy come-backer.”

Trillium Rose

“Twelve to 18 inches past the hole is a good concept, but it’s pretty specific. You still must “feel” distance. I’d rather you draw an imaginary six-foot circle around the hole on lags, so the end goal is much more forgiving.”

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