This 18 ball ‘skills’ challenge is approved by one of the best putters ever

April 7, 2020

So you’re serious about improving your putting skills this upcoming season, whenever you get to hit the golf course again. Well, it takes practice. You don’t necessarily need to pour hours into the practicing, but you do need to practice smart and challenge yourself.

And for some advice on how to do that, Golf Top 100 Teacher Andrew Rice, who has been hosting a series of fascinating live chats on his Instagram channel (go give him follow at @andrewricegolf).

Andrew recently had putting guru Brad Faxon on for a chat, where the pair talked about all manner of things, including this 18-ball putting skills challenge that Andrew outlines below.

As you can see, it requires golfers to make putts in a variety of different ways. By constantly mixing up the way in which you make the putt, you’re confusing your brain and using the “random practice” method to help train your mind to adapt.

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