PGA Tour Sports Psychologist: Here’s how to block out annoying golf course distractions

You may think you can control everything that’s happening around you on the course, but you can’t. Not even the Dalai Lama can pull it off. The only thing you can regulate is your game. The rest is just noise. Things like the wind, bad bounces, the Queensrÿche blaring from the cart two fairways over (wait, that literally is noise)—you can’t let them bother you. Here’s how to tune out till you’re all the way in the clubhouse. – Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Golf Mental Game Tip #1: FOCUS ON THINE SELF

You can’t control much. Fine, but you can monitor your intent, your reactions, and your overall perception of your game. The sharper you focus on those things, the less you’ll be bothered by outside forces.

Golf Mental Game Tip #2: TURN THE DIAL

It’s up to you to choose the soundtrack of your round. Think of the noise as music you don’t like, and switch to
another channel. Fill your mind with your own playlist, and turn up the volume.

Golf Mental Game Tip #3: EMBRACE IT

The more you try to fight distractions, the worse it gets. Hey, you experience some sort of drama every day—at work, at home, on your cousin’s Facebook feed—and still make it through. Coping measures can work anywhere.

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