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Nine-year-old with Daly-like swing absolutely mashing drives at Drive, Chip & Putt finals

April 7, 2019

Nine-year-old Michael Quallich is competing in the Drive, Chip & Putt Finals at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday, and he’s swinging his club like John Daly. Take a look at this video of Quallich just smashing this one drive during the 7-9 year-old competition. It is a sight to behold.

But here’s the crazy thing: Quallich admitted that he’s never taken a real golf lesson before in his life, according to WTAE Action 4 News in Pittsburgh. The western Pennsylvania native Quallich learned the game from playing with his parents.

Currently in the fourth grade, Quallich’s interest in golf began at the age of 2 watching the pros on TV and swinging a plastic club. Soon enough, he was a household name at the local driving range for his ability to smack the ball.

In an interview with WTAE this past week, Quallich sounded like he was pumped to make his way to Augusta National for the tournament.

“Really just nice to have this opportunity,” Quallich said. And it doesn’t appear he’s too nervous about playing on the same course as the best golfers in the world will this upcoming week for the Masters.

“Actually, I kind of like playing in front of people,” Quallich said. “It pumps me up and gets me going.”

If Quallich can continue driving the ball like he does in this video and actually take a few lessons along the way, it might not be the last time we see the nine-year-old competing at Augusta National. At the very least, he’s a force to be reckon with at the Drive, Chip & Putt Finals for years to come.