Next best thing: Quality golf instruction, now just a click away

December 22, 2018

Golf’s future isn’t just in the hands of Tour newbies like Joaquin Niemann, Sam Burns and Cameron ChampThis season —and for seasons to come — the sport is going to look, feel and play different. Here are our picks for the best and brightest players, personalities and technology to look forward to in 2019 and beyond.

Mark Crossfield
Mark Crossfield is one of a growing number of instructors utilizing social media platforms to reach their students wherever they are.

The rise of digital media has allowed coaches to reach their students wherever they are, and to help grow the game of golf across the globe.
It takes many different forms: George Gankas has built a diehard following of more than 100,000 golf fans on Instagram, sharing snippets of his lessons from his home course in Southern California.
Joe Plecker is the Chief Swing Officer at Swing AI and has given thousands of lessons via his company’s public-facing app, The Swing Index.
YouTuber Rick Shiels has built up a subscriber base of almost a half million fans with humorous videos that combine instruction and equipment reviews.
There’s something invaluable about in-person lessons, but now, whenever you need it, and from a multitude of diverse experts — Mark Crossfield, pictured above, is one of them — quality golf instruction is just a click away.