Masters poll: What’s the 1 mistake players can’t make at Augusta?

What's the one mistake every player must avoid during the Masters? We asked a group of our expert teachers; and here's what they said

In order to win the green jacket, a player needs to avoid making these mistakes.

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Over the years, GOLF has polled PGA Tour pros and our ultra-savvy readers about the quirks, extraordinary challenges and outright awesomeness of Augusta National. But when it comes to the Masters, there’s always more to learn. So, who better to school us than GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers in America? Their syllabus is below. Check back for more survey answers in the coming days!

What’s the 1 mistake players can’t make at the Masters?

“Compounding bad shots. If they put themselves in a bad position, they have to make a bogey and stay away from triples and doubles.” — Mike Malizia

“Impatience. At Augusta, just taking what the course gives you is a must!” — Dom DiJulia

“Poor distance control on approach shots. You must hit the ball pin high at Augusta. If you don’t, you won’t be putting from the right spots on the greens — so the difficult slopes and undulations will bite you.” — Jason Birnbaum

“Hitting the ball long or over the putting surface. It’s very difficult to get the ball up and down from behind the greens at Augusta.” — Mike Bender

Nick Dimengo Editor