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Looking for a better roll? Try a “hinge” stroke.

October 5, 2017

It may look strange, but most Tour pros use a touch of hinge in every stroke they make. If you come up short or push putts to the right, this is the fix for you.

1. Set up as you normally would. At the start of your takeaway, hinge your right wrist backward. It should feel like the butt end of the club is barely moving as the putterhead swings into motion. (In the photo below, I’m exaggerating the technique, but you get the idea.)

2. Once you complete your “backstroke,” reverse the hinge by bending your left wrist backward. Keep it smooth so that the butt end of the club stays roughly in the same place.

3. Hinge more on long putts, less on short ones. Hinging and unhinging supplies all the power you’ll need. And since the hinge in step 2 is basically a squaring mechanism, you’ll finally get your putts rolling on the intended line.