Justin Thomas’ 5 essential moves for pure, explosive launch

Justin Thomas has one of the most explosive swings on Tour. Technically, the 25-year-old is as sound as they come, which allows him to throw everything he has into his downswing without fear of falling off-plane. Borrow JT’s impact essentials shown here and you, too, will see your shots rocket farther down the fairway.

David Cannon/Getty Images

1. SQUEEZE HERE There are several important “connections” in your swing, none more critical than the one you establish between your left arm and your chest. As Thomas shows here, this “coming together” reaches its maximum squeeze at impact. Maintaining the connection ensures that you don’t drag the handle ahead of the clubhead through the strike— a distance killer.

2. WAIT FOR THE TURN Thomas shifts laterally toward the target before he begins unwinding his body—the same sequence you’d use to throw a football or hit a baseball. Get it wrong and you can kiss both power and accuracy goodbye. You know you’ve done it correctly when, as Thomas shows here, your hips are more open than your shoulders at impact.

3. GET UNHINGED It’s only natural for your left wrist to unhinge (thumb pointing more toward the ground) as the club whips into impact. Thomas is no exception— you can draw a straight line from the top of his left elbow to his left thumb, something you couldn’t do in a picture of his setup. The lower you set your hands at address, the more your left wrist will unhinge at impact. Don’t fight it.

4. JUMP TO IT Thomas uses the ground to produce power more efficiently than anyone in the game. His noticeable “jump”at impact (both heels off the ground) slows his body rotation for a split-second, transferring all that energy and speed into the clubhead.

5. DESCEND INTO IMPACT Whether you’re hitting a wedge or a 3-wood, like Thomas is doing here, attack any ball that’s resting on the turf with a descending blow. Hitting “up” when the ball is down is a classic weekend player mistake.

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