3 things you can learn from the powerful swing of NFL QB Josh Allen

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Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is knowing for throwing the football, but he's not too bad at golf, either

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Great athletes often have success across multiple sports and many of the same fundamentals and motions transfer.

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills is a great example of this with his golf swing. Whether he is on the football field or swinging a golf club, one of the great things you can learn about his technique is incredible balance.

As you watch him swing, you can see his steady balance at setup, balance throughout the swing, and also the ability to hold his finish. Being able to hold your finish until your golf ball lands is a great way to check your balance.

Much like throwing a football, the throwing arm needs to fold at the elbow and then straighten to create power. As you watch Allen’s golf swing, you can see that his elbows fold and point down as he swings.

During his backswing, his right elbow folds, and then on the downswing his left elbow folds. This sequence helps the golf ball to travel straight and allows him to maintain a proper swing plane.

You can practice this move by taking baseball swings and attempting to keep the plane relatively parallel to the ground. This will teach you to allow your elbows to fold properly.

The power he generates in the swing is also impressive. One of the best speed generators in his swing is the tremendous way he uses his hands and wrists.

When he swings his club back, you can see his wrists start to hinge, making the club lighter. But during his downswing is when he really lets the club head swing and snap, creating that speed.

While his body is certainly moving athletically, much of this speed is increasing due to his hands and wrists allowing his clubhead to snap through the hitting zone.

It’s also interesting to note how the club shaft almost pops him in the shoulder on his follow through. This illustrates the tremendous speed being generated by the release of his hands and arms.

You will likely never be able to perform like Allen on the football field, but if you follow his lead on the golf course, you can add some power to your swing.

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