Drill Skills: How using a towel can help you improve your balance throughout your swing

January 12, 2020

If you’ve been around the game for long enough, you probably find yourself amazed with the speed and consistency of today’s PGA Tour players. But perhaps one of the most impressive aspects is how golfers are able to keep themselves balanced throughout a swing that requires such large amounts of torque and power.

If you find yourself struggling with balance throughout your golf swing, even though you’re not swinging nearly as hard as the pros, GOLF top 100 teacher Joe Plecker has a drill for you.

Here’s what you’ll need to start training your body to improve balance throughout your swing: a towel and a club. Really! It’s that simple.

Plecker says to start by figuring out where your center of gravity is in your swing. In other words, take a couple of swings and figure out if you’re placing your weight too far forward (and then falling over your shots), or placing it too far backward (falling away from them).

From there, it’s time to roll up your towel. Once you’ve got it rolled, take your towel and place it underneath your feet. If you found your weight was too far forward, place the towel underneath your toes, if you found it was too far backward, place it underneath your heels.

Then, it’s time to take a couple swings. Allow yourself to feel how the towel shifts your body and your transfer of power throughout your swing. Soon, the improvements to your balance should become muscle memory, at which point Plecker suggests placing the towel under the center of your shoes for the final portion of the drill.

In just a few swings, Plecker says, you’ll have refound your center of gravity and begun the process of training your swing to do the same every time.

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