Masters poll: What’s more important at Augusta: putting or driving?

What's the more important skill to have at Augusta: putting or driving? We asked GOLF Top 100 Teachers to share their thoughts

What skill is most important at Augusta: putting or driving? Our teachers help provide the answer.

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Over the years, GOLF has polled PGA Tour pros and our ultra-savvy readers about the quirks, extraordinary challenges and outright awesomeness of Augusta National. But when it comes to the Masters, there’s always more to learn. So, who better to school us than GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers in America? Their syllabus is below.

What’s more important at Augusta: putting or driving?

“All players at this level are adequately long. But the players who can avoid 3-putting and are deadly on the 4-8 foot comebackers will thrive at Augusta.” — Josh Zander

“Distance helps, especially after length additions over last 10 years. That said, chipping and putting are critical to success at ANGC.” — Kevin Kirk

“The most important thing at Augusta is driving the ball to the proper parts of the fairway, allowing a player to have the right angle and club to hit the correct spots on the putting surfaces.” — Kevin Weeks

“The greens are large, but very demanding. It’s possible to drive it poorly and have a good result at The Masters, but it’s not so easy to putt poorly and have a good week.” — Justin Parsons

“All the par 5’s are reachable by the majority of the field. But if you miss a green, you’ll likely have a lot of 5-8 foot putts just to save par!” — Jeff Smith

“Putting is the key to scoring…period. No one has won at Augusta and 3-putted a hole.” — Shawn Callahan

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