Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How to swing on plane

September 21, 2018

Golfers of all abilities have no doubt heard the term “swinging on plane.” But what does that mean, and how do you do it?

Essentially, “plane” refers to the path of your clubhead during a swing. If the path ( plane) gets out of whack, the result is lots of slices and hooks.

Golf involves a lot of jargon, and while fun for some, insider-y terms can be a turn-off to others. No aspect of the game involves more shop-talk than instruction. (Swing planes are a perfect example.) Fortunately, our Top 100 Teachers are here to help. Watch the quick video below to learn exactly how to swing on plane, and what it looks like when you get it right. It takes less than a minute, and it could transform your game.


[bc_video video_id=”5748480436001″ account_id=”416418725″ player_id=”B1lrmWbebQ” embed=”in-page” padding_top=”56%” autoplay=”” min_width=”0px” max_width=”640px” width=”100%” height=”100%”]

Fix Finder Fix of the Week is our weekly highlight of the best tips from our free Fix Finder instruction video series.