Hit better hybrids in 30 seconds with the split-grip feel drill

September 22, 2018

Want to hit pure, descending strikes with your hybrid? Have 30 seconds? You’ve come to the right place.


You have trouble getting shots airborne with your hybrids, probably because you’re trying to sweep the ball off the turf like you do with a driver off a tee. Big mistake.

You need to strike down on the ball with a hybrid, even if you take a divot. More speed will help, but what’s most critical is changing your angle of attack so that you come into the ball on a steeper plane. Grab your hybrid and set up.


While in your golf posture, slide your right hand down the handle a few inches. Now turn and shift into a mock impact position (photo, below). As you do this, push the shaft forward using your right hand, keeping the clubhead soled behind the ball.

It should feel as if you’re “pinching” the clubhead against the turf. You’re doing it right if you feel pressure in your right-hand fingers and palm.

The split-grip feel drill will help you develop the pressure and handle action you need for powerful, descending hybrid strikes.


See how much you can get the shaft to flex without disturbing the ball. Squeeze the club against the ground. Notice as you do this how your left hand and the top of the grip remain in front of your body.

(In a sweeping swing, the handle drags forward.) Re-create these feels when you swing for real and your hybrids will soar like rockets from any yardage.