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How to Handle A Hangover on the Golf Course

May 6, 2016

A hangover doesn’t mean your game has to go in the tank. Here are a few tips for the tipsy.

That last scotch seemed like a good idea—until your throbbing head made your morning tee time tortuous. You may be hurting, but a hangover doesn’t have to hurt your score. Use these tips to go low when you’re feeling the wrath of grapes (or suds, or whiskey…).

1. Let’s get something clear. Current theories suggest that congeners—byproducts of fermentation that impart flavor and color to a variety of red wines and honey-brown liquors—make hangovers worse. So when you drink, stick with clear spirits like vodka and white wine to mitigate the damage. And guzzle water before bed, to rehydrate.

2. Refuel. Down a breakfast burrito and a Gatorade first thing. You’ll replenish the electrolytes your body evacuated in response to alcohol.

3. Skip the Tylenol. Its active ingredient, acetaminophen, is tough on your liver, which could use a break. Instead, slam a serving of Blowfish, the only anti-hangover remedy deemed effective by the FDA. The caffeine-and aspirin-loaded tablets dissolve in water for fizzy relief. (Visit forhangovers.com for more info.)

4. Adjust your expectations. A hangover is basically a small exercise in alcohol withdrawal. As your body returns to homeostasis, you may suffer shakes and concentration loss. Shelve your swing-from-the-heels “Bubba” move; take an extra club, make a three-quarter swing, and just stay in your match.