How to deal with an angry playing partner without letting it ruin your game

If you’ve played golf long enough, you’ve been there. Your playing partner isn’t playing well and his mental game is shot as a result. They’re angry and losing their temper…how do make sure that doesn’t hurt your own game? Well have no fear, because renowned sports psychologist and founder of The Mind Side, Bhrett McCabe, Ph.D., has four tips to help…

1. Build A Wall

Protect yourself—don’t cede your power, process and purpose to your partner’s emotional outbursts. Double your focus on your game. Worrying about their actions will simply amp the frustration.

2. Get Zen

Find time to recenter your presence. Tapping into the old saying “Be where your feet are” is a great mental trick to reconnect to what you’re doing in the present moment, not to their meltdown.

3. Accept the challenge

Your partner’s condition will indeed impact you, despite your best efforts. Just as a smoker going cold turkey must embrace lasting cravings, accept the fact that finishing the round isn’t going to be easy.

4. Start a CountDown

The moment your partner officially goes to the Dark Side, count the number of holes you have left and play them as a post-implosion mini-round. In the grill room, calmly confront him over his actions. Life—and rounds—are too short for this.

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