This is officially the best way to clean your golf clubs

Cleaning your clubs has to be the most tedious part of golf. There’s a variety of different methods — from banging them against your shoe, scraping them with your spikes, a simple towel wipe, or going full tee-in-grooves for the really committed golfers. But they’re all more annoying than the last, especially because of how repetitive it gets.

Which brings us to Alan Bastable’s ingenious method.

Alan,‘s fearless Digital Editor, seems to have arrived on the idea while in peak dad mode over the weekend. His solution to the ever-present problem? A power washer! It’s both satisfying and effective, and it’s done in an instant.

It works on golf clubs, not just cleaning the face but also getting all the dirt out of the grooves, golf balls, and even golf shoes.

Game-changing stuff. Now excuse me while I go grab my power washer…

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