This is the recipe to correct your bad golf posture (leading to better shots!)

GOLF Teacher to Watch Rick Silva shares his easy steps for players to correct their bad golf posture, which will help lead to better shots

Want to hit longer, flusher shots? Start with improving your golf posture.

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While there are a handful of fundamentals that go into the foundation of a golf swing, one of the most critical is a player’s posture.

Once you understand the importance of having good golf posture in the swing, it comes down to consistently doing it, as it can impact things like your rotation and arm extension.

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With bad posture, you’ll see poorer results, because your swing will most likely fall off the necessary swing path. This means your entire swing sequence is off, causing jerkiness that requires certain body parts to either play catch up or to try and slow down. That’s a lot to adjust to between backswing and ball contact.

So how can you discover the proper golf posture? GOLF Teacher to Watch Rick Silva shares his tips below, including a quick and easy drill that can be done from nearly anywhere.

Discovering the proper golf posture

Proper golf posture at address is a crucial ingredient for moving freely and effectively transferring energy from one body segment to another. However, it can be quite complex and highly individualized, which is why it has been somewhat generalized over the years.

While at my studio, we undertake a comprehensive process to test and evaluate golfers to determine their ideal posture based on their functional and anatomical state. Nevertheless, I’m often asked if there is a simple way for people to find their correct golf posture.

While there certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, the below method is as close as it gets for quick-fix results for many players.

1. Take your grip.

2. Stand tall, with your feet at a comfortable golf width.

3. Jump straight up in the air (without going too high) and land in a balanced, athletic posture. Allow your joints, such as the ankles, knees, and hips, to absorb the landing. It should be similar to shocks on a car.

4. Finally, let your arms and the club naturally fall to the ground.

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Observe how your posture has transformed into something entirely different.

Your pelvis is pitched in a manner similar to sitting tall on a bench, and the larger masses of your body are proportionately aligned. Take note of the newfound freedom in your hip and shoulder joints, as well as the increased mobility in your torso.

After feeling the difference, go hit some balls with this new golf posture. It might be difficult to adjust to at first, but after a few swings, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised with the results.

While this method provides a helpful starting point, it’s important to remember that individual variations and specific needs may require further analysis and adjustment.

I always suggest working with a professional instructor, who can offer personalized guidance to refine your golf posture for optimal performance. Their expertise will ensure that your posture is tailored to your unique body and swing characteristics, maximizing your potential on the golf course.

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