How swinging up against a wall could be the key to improving your backswing

Rotation is a critically important part of any backswing, but how can you know you’re doing it correctly? From thoracic spine mobility, to proper shoulder rotation, to flared feet and activated hips, there are so many keys to maximizing rotation. But why is improving rotation so important to success within a golf swing?

Well, it has to do with swing path and attack angle. If you’re able to correctly rotate your spine, shoulders and hips, you’re giving yourself a natural foundation of power and a repeatable way to contact the ball. By possessing those two skills, the outcome should be a consistent swing path and an attack angle that is neither too steep, nor too shallow.

If you’re able to do all of those things correctly, you should see significant improvement in your ball striking abilities and as a result, your consistency on the course.

In this week’s edition of Drill Skills, GOLF Teacher to Watch Rick Silva breaks down a drill you can be doing from the comfort of your own home to help improve your shoulder rotation.

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