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Fix Finder Fix of the Week: How high should I tee up my ball?

Golfers and instructors talk endlessly about how to gain power and accuracy off the tee. Because of this, the simple things often get lost in the conversation, like how high you should tee up your golf ball.

It might be tempting to go deep on slice fixes and pure contact drills. But without an understanding of the fundamentals there is little hope you’ll shoot the scores you want to shoot.

Sometimes people don’t learn the basics because they are embarrassed to ask. That’s why we put together this video explaining the essentials about teeing up your golf ball. Different clubs require different teeing tactics — you don’t want to tee your ball to the same height with your driver and 3-wood.

Watch the video below and never question your tee height again.


Fix Finder Fix of the Week is our weekly highlight of the best tips from our free Fix Finder instruction video series.

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