GOLF Top 100 Teacher: Mastering this drill will give you expert control over your ball flight

If experience serves me correctly, hookers try to correct their right-to-left ball flight by swinging more out to the right, while slicers see the path to a straighter shot pattern by swinging more to the left. In either case, you’re only exacerbating the problem.

The next time you visit the range, set an alignment stick 10 yards from the ball directly on your target line. Your goal if you’re a slicer is to start the ball to the right of the stick, swinging slightly from the inside-out and gently rolling your forearms so that the ball curves and lands on the left side of the rod. Hookers: Swing slightly out-to-in (so that the ball starts to the left of the stick) and use less forearm roll to help the ball curve to the right. In both cases, the stick trains you to improve your path and clubface control to groove a swing that naturally kicks your bugaboo ball flight to the curb. — GOLF Top 100 Teacher Krista Dunton

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