Try this fun driving range game if you want to improve your accuracy

October 2, 2019

Most of us — and I know I’m certainly guilty of it — are so excited when we finally have a chance to hit some golf balls that we simply smack them into the distance, with little care about where they’re actually going.

It’s a problem, because if you actually want to improve, that’s precisely the wrong thing to do. How you practice really does matter, regardless of your skill level. So if you’re looking to get serious the next time you’re on the range, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jason Baile has a game you can test yourself with…

How To Play

Step 1: Set The Target Line

Place something between your ball and the target. It can be anything from an alignment rod, a rope, a club, a headcover, or a chalk line, like you can see above. Anything that helps illustrate the target, because it needs to stay consistent throughout the game.

Step 2: Grab 12 Golf Balls

You want four batches of three golf balls, 12 golf balls total. Each ball represents one point, which means a perfect score would be 12 points.

Step 3: Start Playing

Your goal is to go batch-by-batch, hitting a draw (a shot that starts to the right of the line for a righty, and curves to finish on the left side of the line), then a fade (a shot for a righty that starts to the left and curves over to the right side), then a straight shot, within a reasonable margin, for each batch of three.

If you hit the required shot, you win a point. Simple.

Driver is the most challenging, but you can use any club between a mid-iron and driver.

Step 4: Tally Up The Points

A good score for single-digit handicaps is eight points with a driver. For mid-handicappers, six points. And for high-handicappers, four points. Use that as a starting point but push yourself! If you can do this, you’ll be teaching yourself clubface control without a ton of technical thoughts.