How this simple fitness tool can revolutionize your pre-round warmup

TRX Bandit

The TRX Bandit is a game-changer for stretching.

Courtesy of TRX

If you’re into fitness, you’ve probably seen or even used TRX suspension training equipment. The brand’s line of products is widely used in gyms just about everywhere, and gives the user the ability to get a total-body workout at their own pace and using their own body weight.

But the latest innovation from TRX may be its best yet — and it’s especially useful for golfers. The TRX Bandit — a universal-fit handle that attaches to strength bands to enable better comfort, control, and performance — not only improves the strength-training experience by offering a handle with a better grip, it’s also a game-changer for stretching.

TRX Bandit Kit

The kit includes two handles, two 5-15 lb strength bands and two 15-30 lb strength bands to use for strength, endurance and mobility exercises.

The TRX Bandit is super portable, and the lightweight resistance band can easily fit into a standard golf bag. So instead of your usual warmup routine of arm windmills, washing-machine rotations and hamstring pulls, you can grab the Bandit and loop the resistance band of your choice around a stationary object like a golf cart (or stand on it yourself), and enjoy extended, deep-resistance stretching wherever your body needs it most.

While you could just use a resistance band by itself, the Bandit is great because it eliminates the pinching, rubbing and pulling that usually accompanies rubber band exercises. And when used in conjunction with the TRX app, you can also participate in live classes as well as on-demand workouts — including the “TRX for Golf” series.

The best part? If you’re unsure if the Bandit would be a good fit, you can access the content on the TRX app for free for seven days by clicking here. Editor

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