An equipment-free golf workout routine you can do at home

TPI Certified Instructor Carolina Romero (@fitgolfergirl) is back for the fifth and final week of her at home golf training program that requires no equipment whatsoever! Try out these exercises to work on core and glute strength and upper and lower body rotation and separation.

Three Point Plank

Get into an elevated plank position with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. You can get on your toes or knees, but make sure your back and hips stay flat so you’re really engaging your core. Slowly lift one leg up while holding your body steady on one leg, then alternate legs!

3 sets
10-20 reps

Anterior Reaches

Grab a stool or coffee table to use as a target for this exercise. The lower the target, the harder the exercise. Stand on one leg facing the target and reach forward with your opposite hand while simultaneously extending your elevated leg backwards. Maintain your weight on the outside of your foot to help with your balance. Your tempo should be slow and controlled throughout the movement.

3 sets per leg
10-20 reps

A-Line Turns

Bend your knees so your torso is almost parallel to the ground. Place your forearm in-between both thighs to stabilize your lower body. Rotate your other arm up towards the sky and try and go a little further each time. You should feel a deep stretch in your upper body and feel your lower body working to hold you up.

3 sets per side
10-20 reps


Lay on your back and press your hands hard down against the floor. One leg should stay flat on the ground with your toes flexed toward the ceiling. Your other leg should bend in a circular motion until your knee forms a 90 degree angle. Next, cross your leg over toward the opposite side as far as you can without lifting your butt off of the ground. This will help you rotate your hips both internally and externally while simultaneously strengthening your core.

3 sets per side
10-20 reps

Split stance torso turns

Before you begin this exercise, grab a small household object. While holding the object, get into a staggered stance and lean your torso forward. Extend your arms straight out while holding the object. Next, slowly rotate your body as far as you can toward the leg that is bent forward, simulating the motion of a golf swing.

3 sets per side
10-20 reps

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Emily Haas Contributor