Amanda Balionis’ yoga tips for instant zen

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Practicing Child's Pose can help your golf game.

Golf can be stressful. Practicing Child’s Pose — feet under glutes, forehead on mat, arms extended — can help that.

This basic yoga position centers the mind, lowers the heart rate and stretches the hips, thighs, ankles and back. By adding a shoulder opener, you’ll also release those delts for an extra dash of turn and power.

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Illustrations by Ben Mounsey-Wood

Starting from Child’s Pose (1), slide your left arm underneath your right arm, perpendicular to your torso and flat on the ground, palm up. As you do this, change your head position so that your left temple rests on the mat (2). Hold this position for a few seconds, then fully extend your right leg with only your toes touching the mat (3). Again, hold briefly. Return the right leg to its original position and then the rest of your body so that you’re again in Child’s Pose. Switch sides.

Later, calmly bomb drives.

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