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Tommy Fleetwood uses four classic moves to hit it far AND straight

September 6, 2019

While his first PGA Tour victory continues to elude him, Tommy Fleetwood, 28, remains one of the most popular figures in the game for fans on both sides of the Atlantic. The affable Englishman has had plenty to crow about outside a stateside victory, being, at one point, the number-one ranked amateur in the world. And despite some struggles, he’s on a cut-streak tear. Plus, how many people can list “Ryder Cup hero” on their résumé? Fleetwood is Rory McIlroy-sized, and like his Ryder compatriot, can motor the club at speeds that belie his stature. Make no mistake, however: Fleetwood is no “bomb-and-gouger.” He has a full game with mechanics that create power naturally and don’t force him to swing out of his spikes.

Like all great drivers, Fleetwood sets things in motion with a proper setup. The next time you see him on TV, take note of his posture. His shoulders will look a little rounded — probably a more comfortable position for most golfers than one in which the shoulders are pulled back. Perfectly fine in my book, too, especially when you offset the roundness by slightly extending your arms. Give it a try while also working in some of Fleetwood’s best moves below. As far as swings go, this one’s definitely worth a copy.

Mark Newcombe/Visions in Golf


Here’s a Tommy move that improves any swing: Maintain the gap between your elbows established at setup at least this far into your backswing.


Tommy has rotated in posture, getting his shoulders to point toward the ground just beyond the ball. Copy this!

Mark Newcombe/Visions in Golf


He’s moved his right elbow from behind and above his right hip (frame 2) to down and in front of it — a classic delivery. Important: The club is “lagging,” but Tommy isn’t holding anything back.


Tommy’s legs are pushing up while his right shoulder is moving down. Perfect. And if it looks like he’s giving the ball a punch with his right arm, he is! It’s a great swing thought.