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Try this one drill to help you swing like Dustin Johnson

January 16, 2020

Dustin Johnson has indisputably been one of the best drivers of the golf ball since he made his professional debut in 2007. In all his time on the PGA Tour, Johnson has never finished outside the top 10 in driving distance.

Surely you’ve wanted to hit the ball like Johnson, bombing those types of drives that explode off the clubface and settle in the safety of the fairway four football fields away. Well now’s your chance.

In order to understand why Johnson is able to hit the ball with such gusto, it’s important to understand what he does at the top of his backswing, its influence on the clubface and how the body reacts.

At the top of his backswing, Johnson gets into a very athletic position and his right wrist is in a bowed position. This is important as it allows him to have such a vigorous rotation through the ball in his downswing. Here is a drill you can do to mimic that action. (And if you need more instruction, check out the step-by-step breakdown in the video.)

1. Take club in lead arm
With the club in the lead arm, hold an alignment stick in the trail arm across the midsection of the torso. The alignment stick should be perpendicular to your lead arm.

2. Go to top of backswing
When you take the club away and get to the top of the backswing, gravity will begin working on the club and force your wrist on your lead arm to bow. This position is similar to that of Johnson at the top of his backswing.

3. Turn alignment stick toward the ground
As you begin the downswing, the alignment stick should shift down toward the ground and rotate.

4. Get ready for full swing

When you take away the alignment stick and prepare for a full swing, remember the feeling of the bowed wrist at the top, and the rotation of the alignment stick toward the ground on the downswing.

If you follow this drill, you’ll be swinging like DJ in no time.