Use this hip rotation drill to develop more power through your downswing

When you use your hips in the golf swing, you have a higher probability of adding more power and hitting longer shots. Unfortunately, many amateurs often fail to have a full hip rotation as they approach impact with the ball, which can cause problems like opening the clubface and losing distance.

But GOLF Top 100 Teacher Dana Dahlquist wants to help players who struggle to use their hips by trying his advice in the video above.

According to Dahlquist, it’s important to remember that, in the golf swing, players aren’t just having sheer hip rotation. Instead, he suggests that there’s actually a “change of sequence” that occurs during the downswing. It all starts with balancing the weight from the back leg to the front.

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Dahlquist highlights this in the video, providing a quick drill to try.

“Take your driver, and, when you go to the top of your swing and you load up [at the top], I want you to experience your weight getting back to your lead side,” he says. “You can see that I’m giving this nice little slam [with his front foot], and the bigger the slam gets, the easier it gets for my body to start rotating.”

By adding that extra pressure on the front foot, it enables the hips to rotate the right way, allowing your hands to be on the proper swing plane for the best contact.

Dahlquist reminds players to feel the pressure on the front leg during their swing.

“If your pressure doesn’t go down and left, you won’t have the right type of rotation in your hips,” adds Dahlquist. “So we don’t want to go to the top of a golf swing and have our pressure right; and then spin our hips (as the photo above shows). What you’re going to notice is, when you do [that], the hands go out. We don’t want the hands to go out, we want your hands to actually slot.”

By following Dahlquist’s advice, players will be able to generate more club speed and ball speed — leading to more distance with each shot. So give it a try for yourself to see the positive gains!

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Nick Dimengo Editor