This simple ‘crow-hop’ drill will help increase your clubhead speed

Clubhead speed. Everybody wants it, and there are reams of data that prove that it’s hugely important to shooting lower scores at every level. And to help you gain that extra bit of speed, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs has a simple drill you can try anywhere from your local driving range, to your living room.

Riggs shared the drill in a recent GOLF video series featuring Golf Science Lab‘s Cordie Walker. The drill is called a “crow-hop,” and it’s designed to better utilize ground reaction forces in your downswing. As you can see Cordie demonstrate below: You take your position at the top of your backswing, take two side-skips forward, then swing through to your finish.

The drill helps exaggerate the feeling of a proper weight shift, rotation and rise through the swing — a vital sequence to hitting maximizing your power. Brady and Cordie used their next video in the series to explain how to implement the feeling into your swing: After about five or so reps of the drill, resume your normal setup and begin making swings. Your first swing should only be at about 20 percent speed, but over the course of five or so balls, build up your speed replicating the same feeling until your swinging at full speed.

Watch that video below:

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