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Join the resistance: One drill to develop Tour-level transition skills

December 1, 2018

I hear all the time that impact is the moment of truth. In my opinion, the transition deserves that title. Luckily for you, I have a terrific drill to help you groove your most dynamic transition yet.

1. Attach one end of a resistance band to the belt loop on your left hip. Set up with the band slightly slack as you secure the rest of the band under your grip.

2. Take the club to the top and pause; the band should be taut.

3. Now increase this stretch by rotating your left hip toward the target. This needs to happen before you start down with your hands and upper body.

Initiating your sequence with this hip pivot creates the space you need to lower your hands into a powerful delivery position. You’ll get the most benefit by alternating this stretch with actual swings.

Twist Swing
Increase the resistance created by the band by turning your left hip away from the ball before you drop your hands and arms.