Hall-of-Fame teacher’s drill shows you the foundation for a great golf swing

The golf swing is one of the most complex motions in all of sports. A chain-reaction series of movements, executed at high-speed, with thin margins of error.

The swing itself is what makes golf so difficult for golfers of all skill levels. Which is why this clip from GOLF Top 100 Teacher Chris Como’s Golf Channel show, Swing Expedition, was so interesting.

Como’s guest on the show was GOLF Hall of Fame Teacher Chuck Cook who has taught multiple major-winners over the years, including Tom Kite, Payne Stewart and Jason Dufner.

The episode is well worth your time to watch in its entirety, but one of the most interesting parts was a segment where Cook builds a starter swing for Como. Cook, as you can see below, starts by instructing Como to set up with his hands in the ideal impact position: slightly ahead of the ball.

From their, Cook told Como to simply start making swings, feeling like his hands never leave the impact position. It’s a turn back and through, Cook explains, which pulls the club around your body.

“In this drill, the reason we start with this, is that your hands start at impact and never leave impact,” Cook says. “You’re just learning how to go through the ball.”

“The big intent of this is to train impact, and just to preserve it,” Como adds.

It’s a helpful drill from one of the brightest minds in the game that can help new and avid golfers alike.

Watch the full segment below.

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