Are you gripping the club incorrectly? Here’s a quick way to check

September 20, 2018

Does your golf glove look like it just came out of the oven? Is it especially frayed and worn near the bottom? If so, you’re gripping the club incorrectly, most likely in the palm of your hand.

The more the club rests in your palm, the harder it is to hinge up properly, which severely restricts your clubhead speed and power. It also causes the grip to move around in your hand during the swing, thus sending you to the pro shop for a new glove far too often.

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Holding the club in the palm of your hand (top) will not only destroy a lot of gloves, it’ll prevent you from hinging the club properly, which severely restricts your speed and power. But if you keep the club more in your fingers (bottom), you’ll not only hit the ball farther, you’ll save money, too!

If you’re gripping the club properly — i.e., more in the fingers—there should only be a small wear mark on the bottom of the glove. The more the club sits in the fingers, the easier it will be to hinge and unhinge the club for maximum power.

When gripping the club, make sure it sits diagonally across your fingers. Then wrap your thumb pad over the top of the handle so that the tips of your fingers are lightly touching your palm.