Trying to lower your scores? This little practiced shot can seriously help

GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kevin Sprecher shares his tips on mastering the three-quarter shot, which he claims is essential for lowering scores

Learning the art of the three-quarter shot can go a long way in improving your scorecard.

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Welcome to Shaving Strokes, a new series in which we’re sharing improvements, learnings and takeaways from amateur golfers just like you — including some of the speed bumps and challenges they faced along the way.

Every golfer has run into a situation where hitting a three-quarter shot is a must.

Whether that’s because you’re dialing in the distance with your wedges, or, like me, because you’re often forced to punch out from the rough after an errant drive, adding this skill to your repertoire can be the difference between an OK round and a great one!

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By: Nick Dimengo

Some people like using lower-lofted clubs around the greens, meaning choking down on the club’s handle and shortening both their backswing and follow through is crucial. Others just need a shorter swing to lay up in front of a hazard (like a bunker or some water), because they’re a bit in-between clubs.

Regardless of your reasoning, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Kevin Sprecher provides some info on how to hit the perfect three-quarter shot — which will go a long way in shaving strokes off your scorecard. Take a look below at his tips.

Why the three-quarter shot is so important

According to Sprecher, one shot that every golfer needs to learn is the in-between shot.

“How many times are you the perfect distance from your target,” he asks.

“For example, what do you hit if you’re on the first hole and have 140 yards? For me, a full pitching wedge carries 135 yards when struck well. But if I mishit the ball, I may carry it about 125 yards; which could leave me short of the pin if it’s on the middle or front of the green.”

When adding in other factors such as wind, Sprecher says using that particular club is a no-go for him, so he’ll likely club up and then use a three-quarter swing instead.

“Therefore, on this shot, I may consider a 9 iron (which he carries 150 yards),” he adds. “In doing so, I would grip down on the handle to make the shaft shorter, helping me generate less club speed.

“So to play this shot, I do everything I’d normally do when hitting a full 9 iron, but instead, grip down 2-3 finger widths from the top of the handle. Since it’s a full swing, most golfers find it more comfortable than a three-quarter swing.”

How to master the three-quarter shot

“The three-quarter shot is one of my favorites. However, it’s not easy for everyone, and it needs to be practiced in order for players to learn how to control it,” Sprecher adds. “Understanding how far the ball travels with this type of shot is a must!”

To execute the three-quarter shot, Sprecher says to do the following:

1. Grip down an inch from the top of the handle.

2. Slightly narrow your stance.

3. Start with 60% of your weight on your lead side.

4. Make a three-quarter backswing turn with your body, and feel your arms go back a little shorter.

5. Follow through to a three-quarter position.

“It’s important to remember to use your normal full swing feel,” Sprecher reminds players. “If you slow your tempo, it affects the timing of the swing and, ultimately, results in poor shots.”

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