Stuck in deep greenside rough? Try this 1 thing to chip it close

Few golfers relish playing shots from deep rough around the greens, but, unfortunately, it’s part of the game.

The key to saving strokes when your ball is in thicker grass is having the confidence to hit a good shot.

Sounds easy but it’s not. GOLF Top 100 Teacher Trillium Rose says she sees so many amateur players mishit this type of shot, often skulling the ball across the putting surface.

“When you’re around the green and the ball is deep in the rough, I see so many people blade these because they don’t get the club down behind the ball,” Rose says in the video above.

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By: Grayson Zacker , Nick Dimengo

So, how can you master this difficult shot? Rose offers up one thing to remember to see success.

“Get the club up, kind of hinging it, so that [you] can do a little mini chop down through the grass,” Rose says. “[Get] deep and under it so that the ball flies.”

As you chop down through the grass, it’s important to engage the bounce of the club, which requires getting the face to interact with the turf. When doing this correctly, you’ll hear a thud.

Rose says that if you don’t hear that sound , then you’re not getting the club far enough down.

“What you don’t want to do is swing and just cut through the top part of the grass,” she adds. “So make sure you get the hinge up, and then let the club come right back down at the ball.”

The next time you find yourself in the deep rough around the green, remember this easy tip and you’ll start seeing more successful outcomes.

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