Golf Pride’s new, soft CPX grip takes a cue from BMX bikes

Golf Pride's new CPX grip is a game-changer.

Golf Pride's new CPX grip is a game-changer.

Courtesy of Golf Pride

When you’re president of a grip company, you tend to obsess about how people hold things — not only golf clubs but fishing rods, tennis rackets, hammers.

Golf Pride boss Jamie Ledford has been known to wander Williams-Sonoma observing customers test-driving spatulas.

There’s good reason. “For us, everything with texturization is super-intentional,” Ledford says.

Golf Pride Multi-Compound Plus 4

The Golf Pride Multi-Compound Plus 4 grip features a built-up lower hand along with Hybrid Grip Technology that uses a moisture wicking cotton cord for all-weather control in the upper hand and softer high-performance rubber for an added touch in lower hand.
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“The convex, 45-degree diamond pattern on the CPX is inspired by a BMX bike handle.” There’s a ton more tech that goes into the CPX ($9.50;, but you want feel and performance?

Hold on.

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