Vokey unveils limited edition WedgeWorks T-Grind wedge in slate blue

The new Vokey WedgeWorks Limited 60-degree T Grind wedge ($250) is a low-bounce model designed by Bob Vokey for players with shallow angles of attack.

Features include a dual-bounce sole with a narrow, forward bounce for better performance on square-face shots and trailing edge relief to help the club pass smoothly through the turf. The dual-bounce sole also positions the clubhead closer to the ground, allowing for cleaner contact and better launch.

A durable new slate blue finish that appears a bit gray adds to the unique character of the limited edition model.

The Vokey WedgeWorks T-Grind wedge comes in a dark slate blue finish.

Other features include customization options through Vokey WedgeWorks like personalized stamps, custom paintfill (12 colors), and a wide variety of grips, shafts, ferrules, and other options.

The Limited 60-degree T Grind is available on or by custom order immediately.

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