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Justin Thomas’ father has a Titleist Vokey wedge that will melt your heart

January 11, 2020

Wedge stampings have become immensely popular in the golf world, allowing golfers the opportunity to customize their clubs in unique ways. Song lyrics, favorite foods or family members’ names are among the popular choices. Justin Thomas’ father Mike Thomas, though, has taken things a step further in customizing his Titleist Vokey wedge in a way that will melt your heart.

Justin and Mike have a unique bond that goes further than just father-son. Mike is a PGA professional and acts as his son’s swing coach, so he takes extra pride in each of Justin’s 12 PGA Tour wins and his PGA Championship victory.

To honor this special connection, Mike has been enlisting Vokey wedge rep and master wedge stamper Aaron Dill with a task. After each week Justin and Mike win together on Tour, Dill stamps something new on the wedge to commemorate that experience.

Aaron Dill

For example, after Justin won the 2019 BMW Championship in Chicago, Dill stamped “Deep dish for the win,” on the Vokey wedge in honor of Chicago’s deep-dish-style pizza.

This isn’t just any Vokey wedge, either. As Dill explains in his recent Instagram post, Mike’s wedge is actually one of Justin’s old gamer Vokey SM6 wedges, which has JT’s classic “Radar” stamping on the back cavity, and has his 60.5-degree loft, 12-degree bounce, K-grind specs.

While Justin hits most of the shots when the two are together, coach Mike uses the wedge as a walking stick.

The wedge canvas appears to be running out of space for new stampings, but something tells me that Justin has plenty of old gamer wedges to act as canvases for more nostalgic stampings.

Fathers everywhere, take notes!

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