ClubTest 2022: Honma T//World W21 wedges tested and reviewed

Honma T//World W21 Wedges

Read our complete reviews of Honma's newest wedges below.


This year’s ClubTest is bigger and better than ever. To help you make sense of the mountain of high-tech new clubs on the market, we put all of the latest offerings from the top golf club manufacturers to the ultimate test. Below you will find the test results and complete reviews of new Honma T//World W21 wedges.

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Honma T//World W21

We tested: 48-60°; I-Sole, C-Sole, S-Sole

Our take: The wedge doesn’t swing itself, but several testers found the T//World W21 wedge effortlessly glided through the turf with ease on a variety of shots. “It’s a very traditional setup by looks, but the head is much heavier,” noted a tester. “For me, that helps the club glide through the grass.” Possessing a wedge that doesn’t dig into the turf and produces consistent contact is a dream combination that Honma’s latest wedge offering seems to have in spades.

Honma T//World W21 Wedges

Honma T//World W21 Wedge

T//World Wedges are beautifully crafted for golfers of all abilities shaped with visible technology that delivers confidence in your short game. The Nickel Chrome finish on the sole and face epitomizes modern elegance.

The details: Honma’s T//World W21 wedge features an overlayed milling pattern on the face that adds some additional bite around the green. A visible CNC-milled aluminum module, positioned in the low toe, shifts the center of gravity higher in the head for a controlled flight. Available in three sole options, the I-Sole offers slight trailing edge relief, while the C-Sole has more aggressive relief in the heel and toe trailing edge. The four-way relief and wide sole found on the S-Sole is ideal for different sand and turf conditions.

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