SuperSpeed’s affordable launch monitor bundle is perfect for swing speed training

The SuperSpeed bundle provides all the tools you need to increase your swing speed.

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Who hasn’t dreamed of cranking up their swing speed like Bryson DeChambeau and the PGA Tour’s top stars? It’s hard not to have the need for speed these days. In golf, you can never have enough of it. That’s where SuperSpeed comes in. SuperSpeed created a training aid bundle specifically designed to increase your swing speed that includes the SuperSpeed C club and a PRGR portable launch monitor, and it’s *perfect* for home training. 

The best part? It’s actually affordable. The high price tags that come with launch monitors you spot on PGA Tour driving ranges have bells and whistles the average golfer doesn’t need. Don’t over-extend yourself. Keep it simple. 

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SuperSpeed C + Launch Monitor Bundle

The SuperSpeed C club is the newest addition to the SuperSpeed lineup. Targeted to help increase hand and arm speed, this new club uses the principles of counterweight training to change the balance point of the club by moving the mass behind the hands. This allows for a significantly faster release speed leading to more clubhead speed. Complimentary online video instruction is provided under the training tab on the website. The C club can be used on its own or coupled with the original SuperSpeed Golf Set. Bundle PRGR below with the set and save $49.99 off the regular price! • 1 SuperSpeed C Training Club Purchase this training club if…You want to increase hand and arm speed. Complimentary online video instruction is provided under the training tab on the website.     SuperSpeed Set Swing Speed Driver Shaft Mens Set > 85 mph > 60 grams SuperSpeed C Players Ages 14 + > 43 inches Senior Set < 85 mph < 60 grams Ladies Set < 85 mph < 60 grams Junior Set Players Ages 11 – 14 < 60 grams SuperSpeed C Junior Players Ages 8 – 14 All-Star Set Players Ages 8 – 11 PeeWee Set Players Ages 5 – 7 LongDrive Set Long Drive Competitors  [/unique_description_1]
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That’s what SuperSpeed does well with this bundle: one SuperSpeed club and a launch monitor that presents only the information you have to know. If you find yourself ready to expand on your speed training journey then you can always add to your SuperSpeed set. My advice is to start with this bundle and ensure that you’re committed to the process before moving on. 

This advice comes from personal experience. I have a serious lack of speed in my swing. I’d like to say it’s done intentionally for tempo reasons, but it’s all I’ve got in me. I picked up this exact bundle a few months back and it’s a reasonable process I can get behind. I’m not a golfer who wants to show up at the range with a bag full of gadgets and gizmos. What I like about the SuperSpeed C club is that I can use it in my backyard or pull it out at the driving range without feeling like a try-hard. 

As for the launch monitor, there are cell phones bigger than the PRGR. The convenient size might be a bigger plus than the price tag.

It’s a great starting package at a starter price. So, if you’re serious about gaining speed this offseason, look no further. 

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