Best videos of 2021: Bryson DeChambeau coaches me to my top swing speed

Bryson DeChambeau added 14 mph to his normal driver swing. Why couldn't I add 6 mph to a single swing?

John Sodaro

We didn’t care about swing speed years ago. We knew it mattered, sure, but the difference between 112 mph and 120 mph was more frightening than it was intoxicating. In 2021, it’s clear times have changed.

Largely ushered into the lexicon by Mr. Swing Speed himself, Bryson DeChambeau, swing speed has to be one of the most talked about metrics in modern golf. Speed, speed, speed. Swing faster, hit it farther, you’ll score better. That’s the implied promise. If only it was that easy. 

DeChambeau himself has upped his average driver swing speed to 132.25 mph — an increase of more than 12% since 2018 — which is measured during each round he plays over the course of the PGA Tour season. There’s no fooling anyone with a year-long statistic like that. DeChambeau is whipping it 14 mph more than he used to. So, how hard could a fraction of that be?

We decided to put me to the test — a 6-foot-2 8-handicap of extremely average build and athleticism. My typical driver swing was in the 112 mph range. Could I get it to 118 mph, raising my ceiling, as DeChambeau said, so that my body could realize where I could get faster? That test you can find below. Come for DeChambeau’s insights and great coaching, stay for the beads of sweat streaming off my face. All of that and more in the video below.

Sean Zak Editor

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