Buyer’s Guide: Best Spikeless Golf Shoes of 2023

best spikeless golf shoes

best spikeless golf shoes

After debuting the spikeless golf shoe 13 years ago at The Masters, Fred Couples showed the world that there was something new in golf footwear that quickly became the new norm for some. Spikeless golf shoes offer players a more comfortable footwear option that still provides the traction needed to stay centered over all of your shots.

Since being introduced, spikeless golf shoes have advanced not only in their style and comfort, but overall technology as well. With plenty of R&D invested across the industry, golfers now have the freedom to run post-round errands without changing their shoes. With an array of options, our list of for the best spikeless golf shoes of 2023 can help guide you through your purchasing decisions.

Top 10 spikeless shoes for golf

Best spikeless golf shoes compared

Spikeless Golf ShoesCostPurchase Link
FootJoy Premiere Series – Field Model$199.99Buy Here
Nike Roshe G$80Buy Here
Skechers Arch Fit GO GOLF Max 2$90Buy Here
The Wildcard – Leather | Cuater $144.95Buy Here
True Linkswear OG Sport$175Buy Here
Adidas S2G Spikeless$99.99Buy Here
Payntr X 002$190Buy Here
FootJoy Pro SL$169.95Buy Here
Adidas Code Chaos 22 Boa$199.99Buy Here
Under Armour HOVR™ Drive Spikeless$140Buy Here

Staff Favorite: FootJoy Premiere Series — Field Model

FootJoy Premiere Series — Field Model



  • Classic look
  • Unprecedented performance
  • Extreme comfort


  • Extra firm feel until molded to your feet
  • Might price out some novice golfers 

The FootJoy Premiere Series is a favorite among the GOLF staff. The Field model exudes quality and style with its classic FootJoy golf shoe look. As the marquee line in golf footwear, this shoe is aptly named and isn’t afraid to live up to its moniker.

With unprecedented performance that you sense as soon as your feet become one with the shoe, you know that you have the best in the business supporting your walk and golf swing — the rest of the game is up to you. These shoes are noticeably firm right out of the box, but they’ll mold to your feet in no time to boost your game quality and comfort level.

That’s when the benefits kick in: The confidence that you made the right choice in golf shoes will become an asset to you on the course as you realize how incredibly comfortable they are. The price is expensive, coming in at $199.99, but it’s the die-hard golfer who’s buying these shoes, and their skill level doesn’t even matter. 

Best value: Nike Roshe G

Nike Roshe G



  • Great price
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to clean


  • Longevity durability

The Nike Roshe is our choice for the best value in spikeless golf shoes for 2023. At $80, you won’t believe what you get for your investment, and it’s just that — an investment in your golf game. 

They perform as well as the high price point Nike options. Once you realize that the Nike Roshe G is a solid spikeless option that supports your game, the shoes will become essential. Always striving to look good, the Nike Roshe G spikeless golf shoes are easy to clean after a hard-fought round of golf. They also have excellent traction for stability and a padded heel for comfort.    

Best for comfort: Skechers GO GOLF Max 2

Skechers GO GOLF Max 2



  • Very lightweight
  • Superb arch support
  • Skechers comfort


  • Style not as flashy and hip for younger demographics

Skechers has followed up its reputation as a reliable and comfortable sneaker with the same claim to fame in spikeless golf shoes. The Skechers GO GOLF Max 2 gets our bid as the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes for 2023, and they’re only $90.

Very lightweight to ensure a brisk, comfortable stroll of the fairways, Skechers offers superb arch support, stability, and feel for which the Skechers name is known. What better genre to provide these amenities than golf, where walkers put in mile after mile, hill after hill?  

You might have an older crowd buying these spikeless golf shoes, as the styles aren’t as flashy as the younger demographic prefers. But make no mistake about it, all ages can benefit from Skechers’ comfort.

Best for style on and off the course: The Wildcard – Leather | Cuater

The Wildcard – Leather | Cuater



  • Incredible style
  • Highest quality
  • Impeccable detail


  • Leather isn’t for everyone

The Wildcard leather spikeless golf shoe from Cuater can easily be mistake for a casual shoe you might wear to happy hour. At $149, this product isn’t overpriced by any stretch of the imagination. It gets our recognition as the most stylish spikeless golf shoes on and off the golf course. 

Take a look without knowing you’re looking at a spikeless golf shoe. You’ve got something special when you realize you can wear these shoes to the course and beyond. With impeccable style and incredible detail, this is the spikeless golf shoe you can wear to dinner after defeating your opponent in the club championship.

True Linkswear OG Sport



  • Extreme comfort
  • Barefoot feel
  • Exceptional waterproof technology


  • You might not have heard of True Linkswear

Golf shop owners are talking about True Linkswear. People love the selection and style, not to mention the variety and performance. Some have used the term “barefoot feel.” Now that sounds comfortable. 

At $175, the True OG Sport spikeless golf shoe is turning heads and getting noticed in the industry. It’s our choice as the best currently trending spikeless golf shoe because it’s stirring the most industry buzz. 

These shoes are incredibly comfortable and have exceptional waterproof technology to keep your feet dry on dewy mornings and rainy afternoons. Every golfer will benefit from the True OG Sport.

Best durability: Adidas S2G Spikeless

Adidas S2G Spikeless



  • Comfort on and off the golf course
  • Gym-shoe feel
  • Durable and versatile


  • Water-resistant (not waterproof), so may not keep you entirely dry

The Adidas S2G Spikeless Golf Shoe is an extra durable shoe that renders excellent results in comfort both on and off the golf course. Some golfers even say that these shoes feel more like gym shoes. They’re as versatile as spikeless golf shoes come and can be worn with various golf and non-golf outfits. The durability provided means you can wear them for golf, away from the course, and then back to golf the next day. 

With a $100 price tag, these shoes could’ve claimed a few other “best of” categories in value and buzz. With that price point and the wearability provided, the Adidas S2G Spikeless shoe is for anyone on a budget or who just wants a great golf shoe. The Adidas’ “V-traction” outsole also provides solid traction.

With tough-to-maneuver laces and limited water-resistant technology, your feet might get a bit wet in less-than-stellar conditions, and you might find it a chore to lace and unlace them before and after use.

Best you’ve never heard of: Payntr X 002

Payntr X 002



  • Outstanding comfort and stability
  • Great traction
  • Softest leather tested


  • Not many color options
  • Lack of brand recognition

The Payntr X 002 is our choice for the best spikeless golf shoe you’ve probably never heard of. Testing resulted in outstanding comfort and stability for less than $200. These shoes also have excellent traction and the softest leather we’ve encountered yet.

The Payntr X 002 is the ideal shoe for golfers of all skill levels, as the comfort provided will be worth the price. Some golfers, even the die-hards, may not opt for these shoes, claiming they’ve never heard of them. But as soon as they try them on and walk around the golf shop, they’ll be sold in no time.

At $190, there aren’t many options in colors and styles available. Perhaps with sales boosted due to award-winning accolades like this one, Payntr will develop some additional options that satisfy all tastes and preferences. 

Best of the rest from FJ: FootJoy Pro SL

FootJoy Pro SL



  • Extreme traction
  • Great cushion for comfort
  • Exceptional balance provided


  • Not great off the course
  • Squeaky

FootJoy is one of the premier names in golf shoes, and that reputation has carried over into spikeless golf shoes. The FootJoy Pro SL is arguably the best shoe the company makese. At $179.99, it’s not cheap, but there’s still value with extreme traction and comfort with a very cushiony feel. These shoes will also provide golfers additional balance, adding stability to their golf swing. As most FootJoy shoes are, this one is for every golfer. You just can’t go wrong. 

Best for easy cleaning: Adidas Code Chaos 22 Boa

Adidas Code Chaos 22 Boa



  • Outstanding performance
  • Wide sole bases keep you grounded
  • Very easy to clean


  • Sole feels firmer than some golfers appreciate

The Adidas Code Chaos 22 BOA is Adidas’ signature model golf shoe. A textile upper has an added film to provide waterproof protection to help keep the Adidas Code Chaos 22 BOA looking brand new after each round played

At $199.99, the Adidas Code Chaos 22 BOA is worth the price tag given its durability. It features Twist Grip Traction and a Boost midsole for cushioning comfort and energy return. Don’t let this fashionable design fool you, this shoe is made to last. Sneakerheads don’t have to worry about wear and tear with the Adidas Code Chaos 22 BOA.

Best traction: Under Armour HOVR™ Drive Spikeless

Under Armour HOVR™ Drive Spikeless



  • Excellent tech in spikeless traction
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Firm to the touch when new; break them in for more comfort

With a price tag of $140, the Under Armour HOVR™ Drive Spikeless proves best in what might be the most critical category in spikeless golf shoes: traction. With support and durability, these shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, making them winners through and through. With the positive results from golfer testing and use, the Under Armour HOVR™ Drive Spikeless could’ve been designated the best in several categories. 

It’s a shoe for all golfers, thanks to the exceptional Under Armour name recognition. There have been claims of extensive firmness out of the box, but once broken in and molded to your foot, they’re exactly what your golf game needs. 

Your guide to the spikeless shoe stride

When you consider that the only connection your body has with the ground is through your golf shoes, shouldn’t you take time to research and set money in your budget for a quality spikeless golf shoe? The primary factors to look for are comfort, stability, and traction. Sure, we highlighted the best value and easiest to clean; but the most important factors are how they feel and perform. 

Spiked golf shoes will be obsolete in time, and spikeless golf shoes will dominate their predecessors in comfort and stability. The golf world is going spikeless, and whether Freddie Couples knew it or not, he started something big at Augusta in 2010. 


Which pro golfers wear spikeless shoes?

Though they’re not exclusive to the PGA Tour, spikeless golf shoes are becoming the choice of most Tour players. With names like Adam Scott, Daniel Berger, and Justin Rose, the comfort and performance of spikeless golf shoes are now the choices of golfers worldwide. 

Of course, this is a demographic of golfers privy to the best of everything, and they have reps by their side to ensure every piece of equipment and article of clothing benefits their game, whether it’s through comfort or performance. With fewer courses allowing spiked golf shoes, the spikeless golf shoe is likely to be the only option at some point in the near future.   

What are the best golf shoes with spikes?

FootJoy, Adidas, and Nike are among the top brands that offer some of the best golf shoes with spikes. Of course, all the companies on this list produce quality products.

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