PXG’s bold new mallet putters deliver on promise of forgiveness

PXG Darkness mallet putters

PXG's new Darkness mallet putters.

Photograph: Jeffrey Westbrook Prop styling: Sophia Pappas

PXG‘s two new Darkness mallet putters have attention-grabbing names, stealthy color schemes and loads of technology. The Blackjack and One & Done ($525 each) putters are each made with two different materials in the head to help distribute weight for greater forgiveness.

The body of the putters is made with lightweight aluminum, and the heavier tungsten material is placed strategically in the clubhead to increase stability.

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To help golfers get dialed in with the right look and feel, the new Darkness mallets each have four interchangeable sole weights (2.5- to 20-gram options) and four hosel options (plumber’s neck, heel-shafted, double bend and armlock).

Also, for better roll and consistency, the Blackjack and One & Done putters each have a pyramid face pattern, which helps performance on putts hit across the face.

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Andrew Tursky

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